Step 1

Y'know, because, conceivably, that is a *single step*!!

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Presumably "Step 2" involves some wood glue and six months of therapy.
Possibly some resolution to never again buy flat-packed furniture? :)

Step two, quite reasonably, is a simple guide on how to attach the guard rail (a single piece, three screws). That, to me, is a more acceptable amount of work per exploded diagram. :)

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Genius. I see you soften them up a bit first, however. These guys are in for the kill on the first move. Flawless victory.
Is step 2 you breaking it into small pieces, burning them and jumping up and down on them?

I have self-assembly furniture envy. It's like lego but people buy you beer if you put it together for them.
If I could get into some sort of beer for lego building gig I don't think my liver would make it past 35. :)
It's done now, although there was far less swearing than expected. Not to say that there wasn't much, but...
That's half the fun, though, You shout, you swear, you want to throw bits across the room when hit your thumb with a hammer, and then as the last screw/bolt goes into place you feel a great surge of manly pride and satisfaction. No gain without pain, and all that.
... So there was this one time that I built a foldy-up futon base with a hammer drill after coming back from the pub.

(There was no way I was going to cock it up b/c Small Brother was egging me on.)
He should have phoned. "Hi, I'm here. Where are your power tools?". It's generally safe to tell guests where these things are, unless you've got latexiron coming to stay.
Although, as a rule, he brings his own. As they're more often powered by petrol or explosive than those of his host.
[grin] That's a Haynes Manual style "one step" ...

Step 1: remove the engine
Step 2: clean the oil filter
I bought a self-assembly cross trainer from Argos once and the instructions with that were terrifying because they started with an exploded diagram of all the actual mechanics of it. Thankfully when I got it out of the box I discovered all I was expected to do was attach the poles and foot rests.
True flat pack furniture is not like Lego. There is only one step, and once that step is taken there is no return.

A step 2 is a sign of weakness...
Yes, there's nothing like flat-pack to bring on a shortness of temper. Truly a saint.
...and if it's anything like IKEA flatpack then the next step is illustrated by a smiling stick person who has magically managed to complete step one a) alone and b) with a smile still intact.

I bought a stool from IKEA a few months ago, it came with it's own special two part tool to assemble it. I couldn't assemble the tool.