Is that amusement at the fact I've been so restrained or did I go a little overboard? :)
Leverage bleeding-edge best-of-breed vortals.

Ah, the glorious days of the dotcom. The English language may never recover...
IIRC they were "Virtual Portals". I never did find out what that meant, though, as I was after all a policy person not a techie.

It's nice to see that the "web economy bullshit generator" is still on
Apparently a vertical portal, focussed on a particular interest group or industry. i.e. something someone made up to make their portal sound more important than the other guys portal. :)
Oh yes, that was it.

These days we have "Knowledge Transfer Networks", which is a posh way to say "a single interest online community" for businesses.
If there were I would have to fall upon my Leatherman in disgrace.