Is that amusement at the fact I've been so restrained or did I go a little overboard? :)
Leverage bleeding-edge best-of-breed vortals.

Ah, the glorious days of the dotcom. The English language may never recover...
IIRC they were "Virtual Portals". I never did find out what that meant, though, as I was after all a policy person not a techie.

It's nice to see that the "web economy bullshit generator" is still on
Apparently a vertical portal, focussed on a particular interest group or industry. i.e. something someone made up to make their portal sound more important than the other guys portal. :)
Oh yes, that was it.

These days we have "Knowledge Transfer Networks", which is a posh way to say "a single interest online community" for businesses.
If there were I would have to fall upon my Leatherman in disgrace.
Very nice. A little purple on the prose, but no more so than would be expected in the context.
Purple on the prose? Sir, you do vex with your linguistic gymnastics this day! :)
I'm a civil servant - writing for an audience is part of what I do.

Don't forget I was responsible for Patricia Hewitt's immortal words in 1999 "We must close the digital divide, so that everyone can reap the benefits of living in an e-nation". I was taking the piss, but no-one noticed!
Isn't it painful when those little jokes make it to press? :/ ... :)
[FX: Entirely involuntary shudder]

Jayzus. I think I just pulled something.
Must. Not. Leave. Sarchastic. Comment. Using. Words. Like. 'Leverage'. On. Corporate. Website.

I don't think we allow comments on our corporate alleged blog. The PR team are afraid of the internets.
It's probably for the best then. The Internets can smell your fear.
Today two people in a meeting i was in used synergy and synergies...

It takes thema while but academics get there in the end