An Update of sorts...


Every time I look at my journal with an intent to post my brain grinds to a halt, no idea what to write, so this is going to be a bit stream of consciousness. :)

I'm now working as Manager, Network and Systems for Bondware, Inc. and 6 weeks in I'm still loving it. Great people, great approach to the business, lots of interesting work to be getting on with.

If all goes according to plan we're a week away from closing on a house walking distance from ebonyrae's daycare and Vanderbilt so easterbunny can walk to work. Will be great to get the extra space and it comes with a patio, so al fresco drinking, dining and cooking! :)

In other news my new espresso machine should be ready for delivery any day now. It's a Salvatore One Black and I'm really rather excited about it! :)

Hope everyone's well!
Tis good to hear about the coffee machine, I was getting worried about your caffeination.
I've been subsisting on filter. Lots of filter. And the occasional trip to Portland Brew, which is conveniently right by the interstate exit for the daycare center. :)

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Mmmmm coffee....

Oh, yes, hi! Welcome back to the land of LJ. I'm glad it's all going well for you guys, even if we miss you loads.
Good luck with the house!

And, nice to see a post from you. :)

Cool! Workstuff is promising, it seems. Walking distance to office is a Good Thing (well, it's also a very double-edged thing, but as easterbunny shouldn't need on-call type thangs, it should be OK).
This is the gorgeous house B posted a link to a few weeks back, yes? Hurrah :-) Well, if by some freak unlikely bizarre occurrence I ever find myself in Nashville I'm totally hitting the two of you up for some al fresco drinking, dining and cooking [grin] I'm glad life is continuing on well, and it's good to hear from you.
Guest facilities should be up and running within a month or so! :)
1) Bondware? DO pay attention 007...

2) Bondwear? Tuxedos are go.

3) YES! YES! YES! to the espresso machine (in a "When Harry Met Sally" stylee). Your old Gaggia is being used at least once every day and being polished regularly, so don't feel too guilty.
You can't help but raise the eyebrow, can you? :) And I'm utterly convinced that the Gaggia went to a good home, have no fear! :)
Hey, it's the cheapest heat exchanger espresso machine money can buy, I'm economizing, etc. :P I really do need to get an aeropress to play with, I've heard many good things.
Well, we all must make sacrifices etc. etc...

I would seriously recommend an Aeropress - they really do make damn fine coffee. As well as tasting better than any other home method I've tried, they're ideal for an occasional coffee drinker like myself as there's no mess of grounds to clear up - you pop the compressed puck of grounds in the bin, rinse the bits under the tap, and leave to drip dry.
I'm contemplating one for the office for when filter just won't cut it. We shall see.
dude, good to hear things are going well. Splendid news about the house, walking distance really is the way to go if its possible our drive to work here is proving tiresome.

We're well if being slower than we would have liked about things like learning french etc..