Adam Auden (aca) wrote,
Adam Auden

An Update of sorts...


Every time I look at my journal with an intent to post my brain grinds to a halt, no idea what to write, so this is going to be a bit stream of consciousness. :)

I'm now working as Manager, Network and Systems for Bondware, Inc. and 6 weeks in I'm still loving it. Great people, great approach to the business, lots of interesting work to be getting on with.

If all goes according to plan we're a week away from closing on a house walking distance from ebonyrae's daycare and Vanderbilt so easterbunny can walk to work. Will be great to get the extra space and it comes with a patio, so al fresco drinking, dining and cooking! :)

In other news my new espresso machine should be ready for delivery any day now. It's a Salvatore One Black and I'm really rather excited about it! :)

Hope everyone's well!
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