Adam is rubbish at posting. STOP.
Adam is really sorry about not talking to you lovely people more. STOP.
Adam realizes this has got to stop. STOP.
Adam will endeavor to do a proper post later today. STOP.
Adam wonders where this third person thing came from. STOP.
Adam has to stop now as going shopping for work clothes. STOP.

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Adam has to stop now as going shopping for work clothes
I'm trying to dress a bit smarter, init? :) Just some shirts. Don't panic. :)
You are on the slippery slope
Just but today it just some shirts, then tomorrow a couple of ties, next week it is a suit, then a pair of smart shoes and by the end of the month you are having a sort back and sides...

You are playing with dangerous forces here :)
Honestly, if I could pull off a cravat I'd be a step away from wearing a fedora to the office and frankly I need the scantest excuse! :)
I keep trying to think of something "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" related, but am yet to arrive at anything satisfying... :)