Wow, so this is really happening.

My US visa just arrived, flights are booked. We're leaving London on Sun 16th Nov.


More news as it happens.
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Wow - it must be so daunting. My parents moved back to the US about a week ago and they're...well, dad's settling in great, my mother appears to be having some kind of culture shock.

Best of luck :)
Exciting! Yes.

Not sad. Honest. Really. That would be hypocritical of me and I know how hard it is already... DON'TGOWE'LLMISSYOU!! oh fuck, sorry, slipped out...

Will there be a See You Later soiree?
Dude, Awesome, all stations go etc

We will be driving to our new flat in France on the 19th so you just beat us out of the country ;]

Glad you're over the suspense of waiting on paperwork; but it's so much more real, now that it's legal!
Your embassy-fu is strong, young one. Remember to take a few non corn syrup based products so that you can ease the real sugar withdrawal symptoms a little...
Will I get to see you before you go? Farewell and all the best if not.
Eeeek, it's all getting far too real and near. Have you got space in your case for a cat? I quite fancy a relocation!
Well done for having the courage to do what I couldn't, poor timing on my behalf with moving to just near you guys though!
Wow! I didn't know it was so soon. Yikes! Best of luck!

Is there any kind of "leaving event" or did I already somehow miss it?
Very happy for you guys, but also sad that I won't get to see you anymore at walks/pubs/picnics. Hopefully there will be a chance for me to buy you a pint beforehand.
Oh my gosh - that is just so quick- or at least it seems quick. Still you will still be here...... and over there...... cool!!!!

I haven't even done anything about my move..... I know I have a 2 year plan but leaving it for 2 years is not the plan......

I wish you everything nice over there for all of you
Good news (visa) and bad news (you are leaving the UK0. So, yay and boo.
wow! can't believe it is almost time for you to be here. we are so excited!!! i am really loving that when we see you on thanksgiving, we can see you again the next week no problem. hang in there. hugs to you all!!!!