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  • 12:36 is aghast to find he is now too fat to buy jeans from The Gap in the UK. Suggestions for 40" not-old-man jeans? #
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Surprisingly... M and S do good blokes jeans and they aren't old man either. Prob not skater jeans to be fair, but I suspect that wasn't what you were after.
I was gonna ask if you'd tried M&S - but everyone else has said that
I have not, writing them off out of hand. Perhaps I should reconsider. :)
I also add to the M&S suggestion. The £9.50 ones are good, but quite thick denim which is possibly not ideal for the summer months. The £25 Blue Harbour ones are really good.

90% of my trouasers come from M&S, including the chinos with the "active wasitband". This isn't an elasticated waistband (as they look terrible), but inside the waistband are concealed elasticated bits. Hurrah for Fat Trousers!
I've been getting my jeans from George (in Asda) - they're pretty cheap, although not great designs. I'm treating this as an incentive to slim down :)