Bah, I just wrote a long post about the weekend and then I killed it dead with a mis-clicked mouse. So here's the quick version.

ikea @ 11:53pm - fun!

Mme Tussaudes - yay!, Warriors @ Teh Plani-ariaum - boo!
Mimi & Coco's - tasty!

The Palace State Rooms - shiny!
Dinner with Friends - splendid in the utmost.
Me being a grump because I was shooed out of the kitchen - petty, stupid and regrettable, sorry m'love.

Hmmm, less wine next time - need to sleep now, weekend too active.

That is all, wishing you a pleasant Monday.
I was at Ikea at 10pm on a weeknight, not once, but TWICE last week. Ikea sucks.
It only sucks with the addition of people. The Croydon Ikea was pleasently empty (well, empty enough - there were still quite a few late nigth shoppers) on Friday at 11:30pm

One supposes most normal people would have somewhere mroe exciting to be. :)