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  • 11:38 @chiselwright Wait, you change DBs to suit your DBA? Surely you change DBAs to suit the DB your business has chosen? :) #
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Reminds me slightly of when our Windows-only network (supported by a Windows-only support contractor) suddenly grew a Mac because Senior Management had recruited a graphic designer who didn't use PCs, rather than picking one who could ...
but designers are precious snowflakes who should be cosseted lest they throw a strop and don't do the work you're paying them gracious plenty to complete. ;)
True - which is why you make sure before they sign a contract that the one you pick can actually use what you have, rather than requiring you to buy a shiny paperweight and a slew of O/S specific software, that, when he leaves in 6 months, no-one will use and which will therefore have to be replaced with the Windows equivalents ...