Cocktail Recipe - Mixed Berry Daiquiri

Adam's Mixed Berry Daquiri

175ml	White Rum
125ml	Spiced Rum
75ml	Triple Sec
50ml	Lemon Juice
50ml	Lemon Squash
10ml	Balsamic Vinegar (Good Quality)
100g	Fresh Strawberries
25g	Fresh Blueberries
25g	Frozen Black Forest Fruits

I diluted this down to about 1.25 litres with crushed ice, but it could have been stronger without being unpleasant. I probably would have used lime juice had I had any but, still, tasty as. :)

Loosely based on this recipe from Cocktail Times.
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45 minutes - nah, it'll melt.

Next time I'm over in your neck of the woods, I will require one of these cocktails.