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Is it a sad reflection on my political convictions, or lack thereof, that my recent watching of the West Wing has had a significant effect on them? :/
That would depend on the party of the POTUS in that show (I've never seen it), but probably the answer is "YES!".
Democrats, but idealist democrats, not the kind who actually get elected in the US.
No, it's a very sad indictment of the politicians we have here.
other than jed bartlett obviously...

im now always very impressed when they get martin sheen on to talk about something - oo look the president ... oh, wait
I had a tiny moment of disbelief when I saw him falling off a sofa on the Graham Norton show...
I think it's more that the factors I'm thinking about when assessing the candidates have changed.
i think we would always like to think we are voting for good people and the other guys are monsters, the truth is probably somewhere between the two extremes.

The west wing occasionally scared me because it showed (imo convincingly) that even apparently talented and committed people running the most powerful country can get almost nothing achieved other than running to stand still and reacting to events as they happen.

Not in the least. I've changed my mind on a number of issues after watching that show (and not all in a single political direction either). If someone presents a cogent argument, the fact that it's in a TV show is irrelevant.

Now, wanting to vote Democrat because you think Jed Bartlett is a real person, now that would be worrying!
You mean he's not?

On a more serious note, everything I've learnt about the american political system has pretty much come from the West Wing. It seems to be roughly about right, system wise. Fantastical politicians... not so much. More's the pity.

Though they did base Santos on Obama, so time may yet tell.