Shiny Discs and Silver Screens

A request for some suggestions peoples. easterbunny and I have just signed up for the Blockbuster DVD-by-post service and I was hoping for some suggestions of classic must-see movies which you think my life is lessened by not having viewed.

So, come one, come all, bestow upon me your movies of niceness.

That is all.

Edit: Don't worry if you think I may have seen them, if I have you're only confirming our shared good taste. :) Come movies old, new, arthouse and mainstream.
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Well over a third of my DVD collection consists of martial art movies (surprise), but I shall contain my enthusiasm for them to 50%:

Grosse Pointe Blank
Romeo and Juliet (1996 Baz Luhrmann)
Gladiator (well I still watch it lots)
Dune (David Lynch, infamous if not classic)
The sixth sense (cleverer than "the others")
Good Will Hunting (Matt Damon at his best)
The Tailor of Panama (Pierce Brosnan defines "smooth criminal")
... and now the action films
Matrix Reloaded (I don't care, see it again, and again...)
Young Master (Jackie Chan)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Drunken Master (Jackie Chan)
Magnificent Butcher (Samo Hung)
My Father is a Hero (Jet Li)
ps make sure you watch the martial arts in the original language (usually cantonese, sometimes mandarin) with english subtitles, the english dubbing is heinous and the sound effects are almost always off.