Shiny Discs and Silver Screens

A request for some suggestions peoples. easterbunny and I have just signed up for the Blockbuster DVD-by-post service and I was hoping for some suggestions of classic must-see movies which you think my life is lessened by not having viewed.

So, come one, come all, bestow upon me your movies of niceness.

That is all.

Edit: Don't worry if you think I may have seen them, if I have you're only confirming our shared good taste. :) Come movies old, new, arthouse and mainstream.
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I'll second all of those!

Some others:
Oceans 11 - so many pretty people!
Master and Commander - a really cool action documentary
American Beauty - Kevin Spacey at his best
Singin' in the rain - a proper classic
Blues Brothers - a not so proper classic
Dogma - I've always loved this film, but many people apparently don't like it.
Gosford Park - a classic murder mystery with a who's who of british acting
Ice Age - Tae-Quan-Dodos!
Shawshank Redemption - a beautiful film