It would seem that UK Solutions is down at present and that I'd not been keeping a good eye on my backup DNS and mail servers. To this end my bimble.net mail is entirely non-functional. I've not received anything in the last 12 hours and things may bounce depending on the length of the outage. If you do need to reach me please to be using my gmail account (first.last@gmail.com in case you didn't guess).

Bah, technology.
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no email. cannot cope. mind exploding. must talk on irc, but real irc full of scary people. WHAT SHALL I DO!

and in other news, i need to sort out the maily thingy stuff and DNS whatsits. I thought I had, but I haven't. But hey, this is what I'm here for - being helped with DNS.
this would have been more useful if:

a) i had email to tell me that someone had made a comment. which i didn;t


b) i could get any of the non-real irc servers that i know of to resolve

i take it it was on real irc though, which in my "non-bookwriting" capabilities didn;t even occur to me. bah. i did work instead. now i need to go and wash.
Is it just me, or are their servers going down very often these days? I'm sure this has been happening at least once a week for the last month or so.

Once I've moved, I'll get all my mail sent to my home server, and just keep them as a backup.
Most of the outages have been routing problems, a good portion of which have been C&Ws fault, or so I'm lead to believe. Teh InterWeb is a treacherous beastie and that's fursure...
any clue on whats wrong. im guessing something major blew up.
I've just phoned them - they said that a fibre connection broke, and they've got BT down a manhole at the moment trying to fix it. They tentatively think that they'll be back online by 5 or 6pm tonight.
i did.

and i other news, let me know if anyone wants any of my home made sausages. they're....er...pork. yes, pork.