Restaurant Recommendation Request

Anyone got any recommendations for somewhere to grab a cheap bite, early evening, near the Hammersmith Apollo?
Cheap? Yes. Tasty? Notsomuch...

How cheap is 'cheap'? There's the Distillers on Fulham Palace Rd that does decent food these days, but since it's gone gastropub, so have the prices. There's also a chinese that my colleagues swear by for decent good value food - Imperial Dragon, also on Fulham Palace Rd.

Or there's my house if you fancy toast ;)
Cheap? Yes. Tasty? Notsomuch...

Oft the case... :(

How cheap is 'cheap'?

As defined by Ms. sushidog so I'm not sure really. The Distillers sounds like it could be an option. I'll see if I can find a menu online.
theres also a pretty good italian on fulham palace road(which ive been too). theres a polish place too which i havent. Supposedly one of lebanses places just round the corner does pretty good falafel or did several years ago.

Quite frankly there are lots of places if you dont mind walking up and down kings street or fulham palace road.

Re: Many good options on King Street
Sagar is pretty good if you like vegetables :).
I was in the Twickenham branch on Saturday. It would seem most rugby fans declined the chance to eat only vegetables. Did mean there was a table though. The sushi place was quite empty too.
Re: Many good options on King Street
There's actually piles of tasty Indian on King Street. In the "has meat" category, I recommend Agni at 160 King St, which is where we eat before we see shows at the Lyric Hammersmith. Akash Tandoor is also quite good.
Re: Many good options on King Street
But with their lunch special a mere £3.50 to go, who doesn't like getting a little veg in their diet!
The Lebanese Taverna round the corner from the Apollo does a decent falafel - can't speak for their other kebab-related specialties.