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Back when I was a nipper I lived in a college high on a hill, the bar of which was the usual nightly meeting place for a band of moral degenerates. One of said band lived in a college on the other side of the road, down the hill. From the bar his window could clearly be seen.

At the time he was addicted to a game that had a VERY BLUE SCREEN. As soon as the VERY BLUE SCREEN glow disappeared from his window, the bar staff would start pulling his pint. By the time he'd crossed the bridge and gone up the stairs to our bar, his pint would be waiting for him. He would grin beatifically, hand over the exact sum in coppers (silver was of course used for pinball machines) and immediately join us at Stellar Wars.

Mind you, several of us were Well Known Figures there. There was a sort of snug that became known as The Office, the denizens of which would merely have to smile in the general direction of the bar for another pint, whisky, or (after about 10.30) Pernod and Black. Sunday nights would often see a subset of the Office inhabitants in there unspeaking for most of the night. We didn't need to say anything. ;)