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  • 13:24 Ah, once more into the faff of setting up another social network. Hopefully this will be the last time. #
  • 16:19 feels a little guilty that he's defected to Monmouth St. for his coffee. I still love you Flat White! #
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Tried to go to Flat White, as recommended by my coffee guys in Brighton, but the damn place was shut, despite the published opening hours on the website!
Yeah, the hours have changed again. I think they're:

0800-1900 M-F
0900-1800 Sat
1000-sometime Sun

I'll check next time I'm in and give them a suitable amount of shit for it. ;)
I'm looking for somewhere to socialise of an evening that doesn't involve copious amounts of booze...
Yeah... There's Coffee, Cake and Kink on Endell St, the coffee is OK, but the venue is somewhat lacking and the service is... patchy. I mean, I like what they are doing, but it somehow feels like I'm supporting a community cause by going there, rather than just enjoying coffee in nice surroundings *sigh*