Ultrasound 2
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So, it seems easterbunny has one of these growing inside of her. We've sort of known about it for a while but we actually got some pictures today, having popped to the local hospital.

B has more to say since, y'know, the kid is growing inside of her, but I'm grinning from ear to ear right now.

You see these strange blurry photos with the seashell shaped picture captured from the ultrasound all the time but the stills don't really do it justice. Seeing limbs move, the heart beat. It became real today.
Wonderful news. There have been quite a few recent parents on my FL, you and Beth remind me a lot of smorgasbord and clotilde; they've made brilliant parents and have a wonderful daughter so I'm sure everything will be fine. ;)
well done chum.

top news,

*bounces* yay for twelve weeks and scans going well and and and everything! Too adorable!

I've said to to Beth but I'll say it again; I really think you guys will make excellent parents. Intelligent, adventurous, and hair that can kill at fifty paces. Well, everyone's gotta have a talent, hey. Congrats!
Fantastic stuff - congratulations to you both! Perhaps some celebratory scotch would be in order at some point?
although i have to admit that at first i was "yes! alien is real!". oh well...
well I say! Congratulations to both of you!

You know if I tilt my head to the right 90 degrees and look at that photo, I swear I can just about see the Mona Lisa...
ultrasound 2 - the rock remixes? ;-)

congrats to you both! and if you need any help wetting the future head, i'm sure i'd be more than happy to oblige....!