Gadget Survey

In surprise news, a survey of British women as shown that stylish design and reliability are what women look for in their gadgets, not pinkness.

Whodathunkit, eh? I thought you ladies loved *anything* pink. ;)

Edit: Was the sarcasm so well veiled there? :)
It's a marketeers patronising simplification of the female market and nothing more. It might well be true for young girls, but they fail to see how tastes can become more sophisticated.

It's akin to marketing to boys by branding everything with a big red fire engine. *brrroooom*

but you can buy laprotps with Ferrari and Lamborghni logos on them...
Yes. That does not, however, mean that you should.

The exception I would make to that would be if Porsche Design were to come out with a laptop. This is because they produce things of utter beauty.
See, those are ludicrously pretty for being a brushed metal box with some small grooves in, are they not? :)