Gadget Survey

In surprise news, a survey of British women as shown that stylish design and reliability are what women look for in their gadgets, not pinkness.

Whodathunkit, eh? I thought you ladies loved *anything* pink. ;)

Edit: Was the sarcasm so well veiled there? :)
This has confused me (women loving anything pink) since I dislike pink and would prefer my gadgets (if I had a colour selection) to be black, silver, deep blue, dark purple or chrome.
It's a marketeers patronising simplification of the female market and nothing more. It might well be true for young girls, but they fail to see how tastes can become more sophisticated.

It's akin to marketing to boys by branding everything with a big red fire engine. *brrroooom*

I have a deep hatred of the colour pink. If anyone else wants to use it or wear it then fine but don't let it come anywhere near me. I want my gadgets to be chrome or silver or black, really.
As do, it seems, 75% of respondents. What amused me is that is is supposed to be news, rather than stating the obvious...
ok i'lladmit it
Its me that buys the pink gear. Both my lovely skullcandy headphones and my sports mp3 player are shiny pink.

iPod is going to be silver though
Re: ok i'lladmit it
There's always a case, or indeed a respray :)
Whilst I might be amused at pink laptops and the like, I would never actually *buy* one...
Depends on what shade, in my book. It's amazing how divisive and issue this can be. I ask you, when did pink become a four letter word. Oh.
We have a young lady at work who seems to be obsessed with colour - even to the extent of fiddling her DECwindows config to pop up windows in a rather vile share of hot pink. Although, I've heard she doesn't actually like it, but was making a point when she was the only woman in our dept.
Pink can be an excellent tool for messing with the boys, that's certainly true. :)
gadgetry goodness first, colour next.... (pah, black always).
I tend to like shiny/matt black, shiny/matt brushed metal and (given my recent apple/wii fetish) shiny white. Colour is for other people, methinks.

Beth really does dig pink, although it has yet to spread to her gadgets. I think it's really only a matter of time, mind you.
Edit: Was the sarcasm so well veiled there? :)

It's a bit hard to tell when your lovely wife was salivating over a pink toolkit in the (now-distant) past!

It's the same with sex-aids. Girls ones are pink. Though, in that case, the brushed aluminium look does tend to look a little... surgical.

Hang on - you mean that all women AREN'T vapid bints who are swayed by pretty colours and cuiteness and don't understand practicality?

Colour me surprised.

But not pink.

Never pink.

What is the colour of surprise? A good few shades different from the father, possibly? :)
I'm always amused by the violent reaction people state against pink. It's only a colour. I have no stronger feeling for or against pink than I do any other colour. If I like something in pink then I'll get it in pink, if I prefer it in black or green or orange then I'll buy accordingly.

I do like the pink tool sets you can get and am often tempted, except I have no need of a toolkit as I have a man to do all of the fixing and mending for me (and opening jars).