Adam Auden (aca) wrote,
Adam Auden

Go democracy!

Well, Xs have been placed in boxes, papers in other boxes. Tis an odd election when one is able to vote both Labour and Tory on the same ballot paper, no? :) Please to be going out and voting if you are able. Every sane vote cast is a smaller share for the BNP/UKIP/anyone else you consider to be insane (and, yes, I realise that this could include any/all of the candidates depending on your political leanings).

Was having a chat with easterbunny last night about the election and how she, as a potential future voter, would have cast her vote today, and why. She, like 65% of the electorate nationally sees local elections as a waste of time, and irrelevant to how she lives her life (this is assuming a lot about why people don't turn out on polling day, I give you, but still at 35% turnout is a bit poor in anyones book, and the lowest local election turnout in Europe as I recall... *digs for link* - bah, the story with these figures has dropped of the bbc news front page, never mind...).

This all left me wondering what needs to change about the political process in the UK, at a local, regional and national level to get people more involved. The people we elect are supposed to be representative of us and accountable to us however for a lot of people elections are about picking the best of a very bad bunch and seeing little difference. Accountability is lost simply because the voice of an individual is too small to be heard in Westminster to any effective level.

So, what would you personally like to see changed about our political process to make it more accessible to you and to make you feel your views and concerns did make a difference?
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