Music Recommendation

If you like haunting, epic guitar music go see if you can hunt down the album Damnation by Opeth.

It is entirely a thing of beauty.

So, what's getting you through work this afternoon then?
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Being underground, wearing safety boots, a lego man blue hard hat and a pair of paper overalls, pulling monster power cabels through a cable tray whilst balenced on top of variously a rickety scaffold, a a selection of ladders and a big girder that sticks out of the wall.

Whist all this was fun, the thing that really kept me sharp was knowing that if i let go or overbalanced i would fall onto a metal grating or a scaffolding rail about 4 metres below me.

This was yesterday... we finished pulling all the cables that were available, I am now in the office spodding n the internet as my arms(back, neck, feet and knees) hurt so much that i am almost unable to breathe. Unsurprisingly i wasnt inv ery early.