Music Recommendation

If you like haunting, epic guitar music go see if you can hunt down the album Damnation by Opeth.

It is entirely a thing of beauty.

So, what's getting you through work this afternoon then?
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Oddly enough this is probably the closest thing I've come to a 'bad day' while working here. Deadlines, me sucking, programs crashing etc etc plus wanting everyone to still love me but concluding they'll fire me when I miss my deadline or hand in crappy crap. Relaxing music would be nice, but stress has required something to block out all external noise (the sound of other people's mouses scrolling you say? I say ARGHHHH) and hence lovely Linkin Park Reanimation album. Most people hate it, but I think I like it even more than Hybrid theory. It's also a good and handy wall of sound for effectively blocking out everything else. Lovely.