Music Recommendation

If you like haunting, epic guitar music go see if you can hunt down the album Damnation by Opeth.

It is entirely a thing of beauty.

So, what's getting you through work this afternoon then?
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Shiny, shiny. I'm about 2 hours from collecting my Brompton. :)

Found a Black S6L-Plus in stock at Action Bikes, Embankment. I've had a loaner these last two days. Riding makes me smile. :)
Excellent! Welcome to the club.

(Do you see what I mean about the rear suspension being a bit springy, now?)
I do although I actually don't mind it too much. Were I used to riding a decent "real" bike I can imagine it would bother me more. I shall see how I fare before I invest in the "upgrade". :)
My "work" this afternoon consists of listening to a talk by Pinker on the Web, so I'm looking at Cat Macros while I do so.
Realising at 3pm that I wasn't enjoying it very much and deciding to go home.

Hurrah for sofas.
A 45 minute talk on implementing Yahoo widgets which was turned into a 1.5hour one by a fire alarm 10 minutes in. We now have a recording of a very posh man saying "There is no need to evacuate we are investigating an alarm condit...WHOOP WHOOP, PLEASE EVACUATE THE BUILDING".

And my office smells of chicken and not in a nice way.
And my office smells of chicken and not in a nice way.

The mind boggles...
Heading off in my NEW CAR! this evening to collect, in this order, a second-hand PC for playing Myst and replacing some other dead boxes and a sleep-deprived moppet for conversation and feeding.
Oh, and an MP3 drive which has just given me Now You Will Pay by Laibach.
Dude, that is a sweet, sweet ride. Hurrah for the fortuitous random-play.
Cheers. And now I've just had Rob Zombie Dead Girl Superstar, followed by Disturbed's Pain Redefined. My drive would appear to be on a metal kick ...
Oddly enough this is probably the closest thing I've come to a 'bad day' while working here. Deadlines, me sucking, programs crashing etc etc plus wanting everyone to still love me but concluding they'll fire me when I miss my deadline or hand in crappy crap. Relaxing music would be nice, but stress has required something to block out all external noise (the sound of other people's mouses scrolling you say? I say ARGHHHH) and hence lovely Linkin Park Reanimation album. Most people hate it, but I think I like it even more than Hybrid theory. It's also a good and handy wall of sound for effectively blocking out everything else. Lovely.
Shopping online, a lot of it looking for the music I heard last night at the Jordi Savall concert.
Being underground, wearing safety boots, a lego man blue hard hat and a pair of paper overalls, pulling monster power cabels through a cable tray whilst balenced on top of variously a rickety scaffold, a a selection of ladders and a big girder that sticks out of the wall.

Whist all this was fun, the thing that really kept me sharp was knowing that if i let go or overbalanced i would fall onto a metal grating or a scaffolding rail about 4 metres below me.

This was yesterday... we finished pulling all the cables that were available, I am now in the office spodding n the internet as my arms(back, neck, feet and knees) hurt so much that i am almost unable to breathe. Unsurprisingly i wasnt inv ery early.