Folding Bikes

So I'm contemplating buying a folding bicycle. Mostly for storage reasons at home and to be able to bung it in the car for jaunts in the countryside.

Now, I don't know much about the folders out there other than Brompton who, whilst being shiny, are also relatively expensive.

Does anyone know of any other folding manufacturers which provide for the slimmer budget, or is it just best to pony up the cash for a trusted brand?

mr_tom, how's your Brompton working out? Anything you'd change to the spec?
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You really need to talk to andy in the pub in about half an hour. I dont think he would object to being labeled as something of a bike geek and was recently gently looking into this question. Last i heard the brompton was the best and cheapest option he'd found. There was a shop that specialized in them too.