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It makes me unreasonably happy to say I am now the proud owner of one of these:

Madeira Panama Hat

Courtesty Lock & Co. Hatters, St. James. Hurrah!
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I think that's the place I was talking about the other day - I've never been in but have lusted after most of the window.
It is the lovely. I went round the corner to Bate's on Jermyn St. first but they don't stock hats sufficiently large to contain my noggin.
are you available to umpire the cricket match on Sunday on the village green?
No, I'm afraid I will be in the Bahamas to attend a wedding, hence the purchase of the afformentioned millinary. :)
and is the cricket world cup final, not this weekend in the Carribean?
A different island, I believe, but I'm sure arrangements can be made. :)
Top titfer ol chap!

I lust after a Lock hat, but I fear for my wallet if I ever permit myself to cross their threshold.
I definately had a specific goal in mind and had already had a bit of a spree buying a new suit to wear with said hat for the wedding.