Breakfast Smoothie

This morning I breakfasted at home. This is somewhat unusual for me; mostly due to the fact I am unable to get up in a hurry and thus never have enough time to wash and dress myself properly, let alone prepare some food.

Having been pootling around the web I came across this recipe and thought I'd give something similar a go. This resulted in:

1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup All Bran (Fibre Plus, as they call it now)
2 table spoons of greek yogurt
150g of blueberries
1 dessert spoon of runny honey (estimated - I used a good squeeze)
100ml of milk (Rachel's semi skimmed, but whatever's in the fridge *grin*)

Blend the dry ingredients first to break down the larger bits. Whilst blending add the berries (or whatever other fruit you like, really. I would have included a banana but our local Sainsbury's would only sell a whole bunch and they'd only end up brown in the bottom of the fridge) then the dairy and the honey. Continue blending until smooth.

In hindsight I'd probably add more milk as it was a little quick for swift quaffing before legging it for the train. 3 hours on I'm still nicely full and not craving snacks, which was really the aim of the game. I shall have to experiment with flavours.

So, what do you guys break fast with, and when and where do you manage to fit it in? Any suggestions for alternative flavours for my breakfast smoothie? Make with the comments! :)
I generally don't breakfast at all, apart from sometimes at weekends or if I'm away somewhere. Yes I know it's not a good idea, but it takes a while for my stomach to wake up.

M&S do a "raspberry breakfast smoothie" which involves oats. A 500ml one of those will keep me going for hours, without any of those strange energy crashes. For your own smoothies I would suggest raspberries and/or strawberries.
I think the oats, bran, honey and yogurt is a good bulky base for me to start with. Either milk or fruit juice to thin then fruits for flavour. Rasberries and strawberries are so on the list. My choice was mostly influenced by the size of packs available as Sainsbury's last night. :)
and I never used to do breakfast, I've had to train myself into it. It was getting to the point where the size of my lunches was getting bigger and bigger due to how hungry I was when midday rolled around. Also getting the metabolism going early on helps me actually function by the time I get to work.
The biggest my lunches ever get is a sandwich and a Danish. And sometimes I'd forget to eat at all.

However, since cutting right back on the coffee, I'm more aware of my blood sugar levels, and do try and eat early enough so that I don't crash when the caffeine runs out.