Breakfast Smoothie

This morning I breakfasted at home. This is somewhat unusual for me; mostly due to the fact I am unable to get up in a hurry and thus never have enough time to wash and dress myself properly, let alone prepare some food.

Having been pootling around the web I came across this recipe and thought I'd give something similar a go. This resulted in:

1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup All Bran (Fibre Plus, as they call it now)
2 table spoons of greek yogurt
150g of blueberries
1 dessert spoon of runny honey (estimated - I used a good squeeze)
100ml of milk (Rachel's semi skimmed, but whatever's in the fridge *grin*)

Blend the dry ingredients first to break down the larger bits. Whilst blending add the berries (or whatever other fruit you like, really. I would have included a banana but our local Sainsbury's would only sell a whole bunch and they'd only end up brown in the bottom of the fridge) then the dairy and the honey. Continue blending until smooth.

In hindsight I'd probably add more milk as it was a little quick for swift quaffing before legging it for the train. 3 hours on I'm still nicely full and not craving snacks, which was really the aim of the game. I shall have to experiment with flavours.

So, what do you guys break fast with, and when and where do you manage to fit it in? Any suggestions for alternative flavours for my breakfast smoothie? Make with the comments! :)
I have scrambled tofu on toast. Which actually translates to "veg & tofu stir-fry" on toast, really. I find the consumption of breakfast to be a thing worth getting up early for.

(chop up quantity of veg fairly small. Fry for a bit. Add tofu - ideally the soft sort so it just gets mixed into the veg in the manner that egg might; alternatively the harder sort chopped small. Add nutritional yeast, turmeric, dill, and cumin. Consume. Be very happy.)

I have tried the smoothie-type thing you describe above, or a similar thing without the All-Bran, & liked it.

Banananas can be frozen. They go black but are entirely edible.
I tend to do omlette type things at the weekend when I have a little more time. It's not that I don't *want* to get up in time to have a leasurely breakfast, it's more that I tend not to go to bed early enough to make this feasable as I have a somewhat early start at the office (I generally aim to catch the 06:36 of a morning).

The All Bran (along with the oats) is really a bulking ingredient since I have a vast and compelling hunger unless I am full. Without some serious fibre I will be wanting to eat again by 11am or before.

I shall have to try the banana freezing trick. Is it best to freeze them ASAP or just before they start to get overripe?
Mmm, cheese toast and coffee. However, I am willing to try oats and yogurt tomorrow morning.
I generally don't breakfast at all, apart from sometimes at weekends or if I'm away somewhere. Yes I know it's not a good idea, but it takes a while for my stomach to wake up.

M&S do a "raspberry breakfast smoothie" which involves oats. A 500ml one of those will keep me going for hours, without any of those strange energy crashes. For your own smoothies I would suggest raspberries and/or strawberries.
I think the oats, bran, honey and yogurt is a good bulky base for me to start with. Either milk or fruit juice to thin then fruits for flavour. Rasberries and strawberries are so on the list. My choice was mostly influenced by the size of packs available as Sainsbury's last night. :)
I cheat in that I don't have to be in work til 10 so having breakfast isn't a problem timewise even if I get up after eight. I also don't mind getting hungry before lunch and hence always have some fruit at with my mid-morning coffee. Or yogurt if I've gymed/swum that morning in which case I want the extra energy to get my brain through to lunchtime without melting.

I tried smoothies for breakfast a few times, but even with oats'n'stuff, there's some mental issue I have with drinking a meal. It just feels like I've skipped a meal :-/
I can't let myself get too hungry otherwise I end up eating waaaay too much at the next meal. I've decided it's really time to shift the belly so drastic measures may be required.
You could try passion fruit and rasberries, we made a cocktail with them last night and it was yummy. I generally grab something unhealthy on the way to work. If I am being good I have toast and peanut butter, it I am being very good I have porridge, but that requires me to get up far to early.
The porridge thing is the reason we have rolled oats in such plentiful supply. I like porridge but I find it has a sweet spot akin to that of a ripening pear between being too hot and congealing into some sort of sustainable building material. Shame, for that one spoonful is mighty tasty. :)

The passion fruit sounds good, I guess the seeds would be broken up in the blending. I shall investigate. :)
dorset cereals simply delicious muesli is what i have, with added crushed lin-seed and sunflower seeds + some blueberries if i'm in the mood.

I used to take a pastic tub of this in and eat when i got into work, picking up smoe milk on the way, but since the detist got on my back, i get up earlier and eat at home before the toothbrushing equiupment enters the fray.
I'm tempted to make twice as much and bring some to work for an afternoon snack. That said I imagine there's a smoothie place or two near my office...

As for the toothbrush issue, I have one in my desk for just such occasions. :)
As a bit of an old hippie, I feel culturally compelled to eat muesli for breakfast. Luckily I love the stuff.

Favourite is home-made with home-toasted oats, but I've not had time to do that for months. Upmarket stuff like Traidcraft or Dorset cereals is lovely, but not really price-justifiable on a daily basis. A price-comparison exercise recently revealed that Jordan's do a muesli with good ingredients for surprisingly cheap. I usually job in some extra extra-nice raisins and or chopped dates.

I insist on having a breakfast. I prefer a full (veggie) blow-out savoured over a leisurely hour or so, perhaps with a paper. But I'm happy on a work day or other busy day (most of them these days) to eat it quickly - the whole operation takes less than ten minutes, including rinsing out the bowl. But I Will. Not. Skip. Breakfast. It's unthinkable.
I'm getting better about not skipping breakfast. Mostly because I can actually see the benefit of having a decent breakfast now. Sometimes it's just the morning cappuccino, but that's on the bad days.

The full breakfast tends to get saved for being on holiday or hangover recovery. The latter most likely served in a local caff rather than prepaired at home. Most likely due to hangover inhibited motor function for all concerned. :)
If it's a weight training morning, I have something protein-heavy: usually cheese on toast with tomatoes and jalapeños, or 2 eggs and soldiers with Marmite.

Otherwise, I have porridge, or cereal, or smile cutely at gaspodog until he makes me the Omelette O'Death.
I'm contemplating getting some protein powder to chuck in as well. I'm aiming to hit the gym 2-3 mornings a week so it's not a bad plan.
I don't normally have breakfast at home. Somewhere between 9:30am and 10:30am in the office I try to have a bowl of porridge made with oats and milk in the microwave.

This tends to be more or less successful depending on how many meetings I have to contend with and how little I ate the night before.
I was doing this for a while but I'm working on the theory of eating earlier kicks the metabolism into action earlier which is meant to be a good thing on the whole. Had another smoothie today, actually. Still tasty. :)