South Somerset

Dear Lazyweb,

easterbunny and I are off down to Devon to holday with my folks in the not to distant future. We'll be driving down and thought it would be nice to break the journey overnight. The 1/2 way point seems to be around Ilchester in Somerset.

To this end, any recommendations of a nice coaching inn type place not too far off the A303 which could provide bed and board for two weary travellers who like decent nosh and fine wines and ales? :)

ta muchly,

Actually The Old Spot was the one that's been recommended to me a few times as being very, very good simple food for ridiculously cheap prices. But yeah, the Moody Goose has a Star[tm], their Table d’hôte menu is also sublimely good value and I don't think there's a single thing on the menu I wouldn't eat.

In that Observer review he mentions that it was recommended to him by Simon "Roast Chicken and other Stories" Hopkinson. I loved RCaOS and recently picked up the sequel. Unfortunately I was a bit disapointed. Each chapter is dedicated to one ingredient and is a mix of anecdotes, observations and recipes but all the big, obvious ingredients went into the first book and I found that in the second one all the ingredients were things like Chicory or Watercress. I couldn't bring myself to sit down and read it cover to cover like I did the first. I'm just not that excited by Chicory.
I am worryingly excited by the concept of watercress now. I'm fairly certain I would be disappointed by concrete watercress, so I shall sit here and think instead.

On chicory I have no opinion.
I'd heartily recommend the food at The Penruddocke Arms, SP3 5EL. The rooms in the main building are lovely, it's not very expensive at all for a room with four-poster, spa bath and double shower, the other rooms in the main building are great too, but avoid the separate chalet-type rooms, they're ok but they're not a patch on the rest.

the hatter
Sounds lovely. I've made the booking for the Moody Goose this time, but we're down there fairly regularly so I'll stick that on the list for next time. :)