Happy Friday!

Morning all,

Many happy returns to moral_vacuum who continues to cheat the aging process through a programme of fizz and fabulousness. May his Champagne corks sigh like a satisfied lover and his character, like whisky, only improve with age. :)

Thanks to everyone who came down last night to celebrate our birthdays. It's safe to say we both had a cracking time. Apologies for exposing you to dangerously high levels of karaoke and kudos for the fact it didn't cause you all to flee instantly.

Those of you going, enjoy Betty Ford Clinic. I'm off to see 3 Inches of Blood and Biomechanical play the Underworld in Camden instead. Double booking sucks but I must answer the call of the riff, it is a need buried deep within me.

Have spiffy weekends, won't you?
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kudos for the fact it didn't cause you all to flee instantly.

it was merely coicidence that i fled within 2 minutes of the karaoke starting - i really did have somewhere else to be. honest!!
Glad you had a good one. And apologies for wimping out and spending an evening crashed on the sofa instead - I'm not sure that I'd have been sparkling company anyway.
It was great to chat to you guys, I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves.
I think she's in two minds about it at the minute, probably best to ask her.