Shiny Clustered Storage

Isilon the nice bods who make the shiny, shiny clustered storage we use at work have just launched a new midrange product aimed at people who don't need quite at much data as we do.

A cluster will be at a minimum 3 of the 1U IQ200 nodes, giving 6Tb of space (usable space varies depending on your protection level, but n+1 is about 4Tb or so, I'd guess).

If you're looking for fast, scalable storage but don't need huge quantities of it I'd suggest you take a gander.
You're probably more in the market for an Infrant ReadyNAS, like bob has.
Wish I'd found them two weeks ago when I was speccing out a 15TB server. :-) We went for Dell and I think that both our disk enclosures are faulty... :-/
Have I not been raving about Isilon enough? Dude, you feel free to *ask* next time, eh? :)
We had a chat at the Croydon Streets event, I think - tbh our requirements were a bit more complex than that, 'cos we wanted a single box that we could add disks, CPUs, RAM and funky I/O cards to. We probably went for the best option for now (h/w failures aside), but those Isilon boxes look very funky and I will have to see about getting some eventually. :-)