The job desc is rather brief - do you know how many direct reports and the expected package ? Or is working with such sterling fellows reward enough in itself ?

Well hello you! :)

Do you have a preferred email address, I can fill you in there.
aye. bet you thought I didn't read this stuff eh...

I can be contacted on russk-livejournal@
rsking. (this broken up to stop pesky spam harvesters)


Dude, I suck. It's been ages and I *am* intending to email you. Life is just crazybusy right now. I'll endeavour to do this soon.

Sorry for being lame.
Hmmm, I have lots of the first 5 bulletpoints on essential skills and experience...

If you're looking for a techo-fascist who hates scripting languages, T-shirts with bits of scripting langauges on them, weenies and the weenylicious weenieware they create, ANYONE who codes for fun not money, indisciplined programmers, people who have not committed to memory "Enough Rope To Shoot Yourself In The Foot", "The Mythical Man-Month", K&R Second Edition, and Abelson,pseud w*nkers with frivolous trousers, people who incorrectly believe they need superuser access to machines, people who import software from t'internet in an uncontrolled fashion, people who just won't shut up, and people generally, and who believes that "if you force me to answer now, the answer's 'No'" is a perfectly acceptable answer to any technical question, I'm yer man. How much does it pay? ;)

I'm unlikely to go utterly postal unless I see evidence of the following in the workplace:

(a) Perl T-shirts
(b) userfriendly or other 'geek' cartoons
(c) bangin' techno ch00nz

On the whole.... maybe I'm not the kind of guy who should work in n00 m33ja in Soho ;)
We're not entirely new media, we more augment old media. It does rather sound like you'd go postal before your probation period was up given your list of pet peaves.

Pipeline build on python, anyone? :)
Could've been worse. I once built a distributed rendering platform on top of good old SysV lpsched (partially because it was there and partially because a colleague said it couldn't be done).
There's nothing quite like the motivation of being told something is impossible, eh? :)
Indeed. The workflow library written entirely in sh came out of the same sort of situation (though that was more "I bet I can knock out something better in shell over the weekend"; alas, I never got network connectivity for the sh-based one).