Screw you Carol Vorderman, and screw your detox. Shove it up your sorry wheat free behind.

There, that's better.

Last night, we (that is easterbunny and myself) were bad.

Well, very bad.

So, one cheeseburger, dos equis and glass of wine later, I'm feeling a much more well rounded human being. For lunch I will have a sandwich, containing meat, dairy, wheat and lots of fat. So there. And a coffee (to misquote Chandler from friends "Ah, dark mistress, once again I suckle at thy teat!").

I'm a quitter, but as it goes I'm fine with that. Life is supposed to be experienced, and eating is one of the experiences I enjoyed the most. The detox diet is bereft of joy and so I thumb my nose at it.

We still have the very green contents of the fridge to finish, and we've discovered some tasty, yet healthy options which we can add in to our diet, however I shall most certainly be having some ESB and a steak on Thursday at The Star. So there.

In other news, I just ranted at one of those annoying 'accost you in the street charity people' about the fact I don't like being accosted in the street. Does this make me a bad person? But stop, surely this is a fine opportunity for my first poll!

Am I evil incarnate?

Yes, you ill spirited fiend.
No, they are obviously cads and should leave us well alone.

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meh. i eat what food i can find. sometimes this involved vegan cheese and lettuce other times it does not. Bah, who am i kdding - i wouldn't let vegan cheese past my lips if there was still a warm blooded creature walking the earth that i could catch and tear the legs off.

in other news, you are and ill spirited fiend (and well done for it), but people who accost you in the street who where one of those bib things that they have to check every ten minutes to remind themselves of what charity their agency has sold them to for the day should be tied up with a forementioned bibs, beaten with their clipboards and then dumped in the north sea.

other people who hassle you in the street? they;re mainly nutters, and i think they should just go with whatever voice is loudest today.