Dear LazyWeb

Help me Obi Wan Livejournal, you are my only hope.

My darling wife is taking me out to a fabulous dinner in town this evening, however I am at a loss as to where to get a quiet drink nearby. The restaurant is on Charlotte St, in Fitzrovia.

Anyone know of a nice place for cocktails or just somewhere which is not going to be rammed to the gills and stocks good gin?

Ta muchly.
Clearly, the Newman Arms is the best pub in the area. But that's an proper pub, like.
Clearly. It's also fecking tiny and will be packed solid this even. Which is the main thing I'm trying to avoid.
"Proper" means beer and sticky surfaces rather than a view, foliage-bearing cocktails and a clean ladies' room, doesn't it?
Not too sticky, they only refitted a year ago. It's the place that does the good pie.
Yes, I leaned in to shot but was mercilessly cropped out. That's love, eh?

The meal was exquisit, exceeded only by the quality of the service - such a relaxed atmosphere and so unobtrusive. Highly recommended.