Dear LazyWeb

Help me Obi Wan Livejournal, you are my only hope.

My darling wife is taking me out to a fabulous dinner in town this evening, however I am at a loss as to where to get a quiet drink nearby. The restaurant is on Charlotte St, in Fitzrovia.

Anyone know of a nice place for cocktails or just somewhere which is not going to be rammed to the gills and stocks good gin?

Ta muchly.
is Vilandry too far away?
(gt portland street). Great wines, good cocktails very un hussly and bussly - sit at the bar for bar service, or at a table for table service. Should have a number of great gins. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. I'd rather have one glass of wine there than serveral at other places.

Alphabet bar (http://www.propcomm.co.uk/alphabet/index.htm) is best for cocktails in london, but will be full tonight...
Probably a little, does look teh lovely, however. Perhaps a gathering is in order at some point. :)