Dear LazyWeb

Help me Obi Wan Livejournal, you are my only hope.

My darling wife is taking me out to a fabulous dinner in town this evening, however I am at a loss as to where to get a quiet drink nearby. The restaurant is on Charlotte St, in Fitzrovia.

Anyone know of a nice place for cocktails or just somewhere which is not going to be rammed to the gills and stocks good gin?

Ta muchly.
i once went here for cocktails with various LJ reprobates, and it was most pleasant. but we did only arrive just in time for last orders, so i'm not sure how hideous it would be earlier in the evening or if it really fits your requirements for something special.... it is right around the corner from charlotte street though! (by the bbc buildings at the top of regent street)
That does look like it could be good fun. Perhaps not the weather for the view, mind.
yes, it is fun - but it's true that the view might be a bit of an anti-climax tonight, and that's the main reason to go! having said that, it might suddenly clear up and you might then be the only people there to enjoy the views as everyone else (of lesser faith) would have remained at ground level.

the cocktails are fairly good too...