New recipe books...

New recipe books...
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I don't normally have a weakness for recipe books, but then these are no mere recipe books. (Well, at least two of them aren't - I'll hold off judgment on the new book from Mr Oliver for now. Looks good though).

A colleague of mine brought The Silver Spoon into the office and I was sucked right in.

D'you know what sold it to me in the end. The binding. This is a book designed to be used. Like a dictionary. Most impressive.

McGee I've been hearing much about from billyabbott and elvum and was intrigued. A resource on the whys and wherefores of cooking and the influences on how and what we eat over the years. And indeed how and what we should be eating now. :)

As of Jamie, well I do have a soft spot for the much maligned fat-tongued one, regardless of the distaste of certain people (*coughTomcough*) and this book does look like it could be his How to Cook. I shall let you know how it turns out in due course.

As any rate this may mean I actually cook for some of you (a dubious honour I have bestowed on few I have not lived with other than the vast cauldrons of spicy things purveyed housewarming parties over the years) so beware emails bearing invitations to consume experimental cooking.

You Have Been Warned.
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I can have a crack, certainly, but I'm lacking inspiration for a starting point... Any thoughts? I shall codgetate upon it in my upcoming meeting. :)
I have begun a beginning. Should we keep things in the open or friends-locked? My preference is "in the open". I hope you don't mind assorted fondue babbling.
In the open is fine by me. I dined on Fondue recently at the St. Moritz in Soho. I shall comment in more depth on the post in question. :)
Me reading words in the wrong order. You wrote "I shall", I read "Shall I" (and affixed the supposedly missing question mark transparently). Sure, go ahead, comment on fonduey goodness. Then ponder a cranberry-based fondue goop, for fondueing turkey meat (talk about transatlantic fusion cooking, eh).