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Golly, I have quite a lot of hair, don't I?

Taken my blech.
Not much beyond murdering Axel F, Chop Sticks, 12 Bar Blues and the theme to Howards Way.
Not just yet, my ears are sufficient mane management devices for now.
Well, of course. Men always get tetchy when women try to use them as giant dolls.
I'm sure there's a million jokes about pricks here I could pull, but all of them seem inappropriate...
Hurrah, photos of me which do not suck. :)

Mind if I make with the stealing?
Sure, feel free. I keep them "all rights reserved" because flickr doesn't have a "By-Attributation No-Derivs and No-Using-For-Dodgy-Or-Insulting-Purposes" license.
*really* *really* must do something about this usericon. It doesn't look anything like me anymore.
You are, er, somewhat more hirsuit than that at present. Perhaps the shot blech took at the Star the other night? :)