I would tell you our emergency solution, after we weren't allowed to take 8 bottles of wine (getting on for €200 worth) onto the plane. But then people wouldn't read our exciting tales of Italian adventure, finished last night, but still unposted (teh intarweb is down at home).

So you figured, instead, you'd pimp up your forthcoming post here. :)

I look forward to it with much interest.
Lateral thinking solution (?)
If they won't let you take the wine on board, drink it before you get to security. This will also reduce the amount of luggage that you are carrying.
Re: Lateral thinking solution (?)
Ingenious! I fear, however, were you talking about, say, half a case your boarding of the plane would still be impeded, but for somewhat differing reasons.
Re: Lateral thinking solution (?)
There's something similar to that in the first "Red Dwarf" novel, where one of Lister's friends (Peterson?) is told that he can't take his lager onto the ship, so he stands there and downs about 24 cans. He then has to be force-fed coffee later on, to get the DNA scanner to recognise him as human :)