How do,

I'm thinking of taking part in Tacheback. An excellent excuse to grow silly facial hair way to raise money for and awareness of testicular and prostate cancer.

Would any of the gents reading this be game for a laugh too? We could for an LJ tacheback team in support of our hirsuitness. Anyhoo, let me know; it all kicks off on 1st Sept with a month of an unshaven upper lip. Go on, you know you've always wanted that Magnum PI / Red Baron look. :)
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Ah, but one of the caveats of tacheback is that the moustache is the *only* facial hair you may cultivate. None of this goatee malarky.
It's in a good cause dude, and you keep yours pretty short, you'd be able to restore it in time for the winter chill.
Would we notice if you didn't shave your tache for a month?
I would join in, but only if I didn't have to shave of the beard - as I'd look like my dad in the 80s, and that's something that even he would agree is probably not a good plan.
These days, maybe a little. Tacheback is a good excuse to see how long it takes for people to notice. :)
I'd love to join in especially as I have just got rid of mine and just have thislittle bread on chin thing. Do you think I could just keep that..... I'll read the whole web page and register.....
Not sure i want to join in, but will be happy to sponsor you...
now not that I want to ideas in your head (trust me I 'm a spider)... :)
... but if you go for a handle bar moustache we could sponsor you by the foot... :)
Drink more milk and you too can have facial like an Edwardian General :)

or failing that go for extensions and have a cyber moustcahe??? :)
No. No no no no NO! By all that's holy, NO!

I'd sponsor you NOT to grow one.
Surely the very unholiness of what would sprout forth from my upper lip is motivation enough to take part? :)