Oh dear...

Is the fact that, every time the laser printer behind me chews through another ream of paper, I hear the faint sound of screaming trees indicative of your gothness rubbing off on me?

I'm somewhat concerned. By the gothness, that is. Please continue with the rubbing. :P
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They absorb too much ink, making them rather environmentally unfriendly to the shellfish or kittens or whatever else it is these days that companies crush to make ink.
Why not make ink from goths? It would be blacker than the blackest night, a void where once frolicked colour and light. Not so good for dry erase boards.
If used on white paper goth ink would probably slide off, collect in a morbid pool and then go and find a pub that sells cider. This would allow the paper to be reused though, saving the trees and making the hippies dance a little harder, maybe taking them away from areas of civilisation.

Oh the trade offs one must make when examining the moral implications of stationery.