Relax is indeed as lovely as expected. 20 minutes of Chair Massage later and I can barely manage to walk back to the office.

Now to go through the agony of the muscles in my back rebelling against the fact they're suddenly not under tension. :)
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indeeed. the pain of that is almost worse than the general pain :)
That it can be, athough it diminishes over time as your back becomes perminantly unknotted.
I am a massage addict. I go once a month and get all the kinks worked out. My neck is usually a train wreck. I would give up whatever to still get my massage.
Missed seeing you guys when you were in the states.
I could go the same way, just need to keep an eye on the pocketbook.

Yeah, was a shame we couldn't swing by Nashvegas whilst we were the right side of the pond. Fear not, we'll see y'all in t'fall!