My sarchasm detector has returned "indeterminate status" - have I done wrong in the occular shopping department?
No, no. They ARE very nice, I DO like them, and they suit you.

I only used my Josh icon because it involved optical enhancement.
Heh, I was somewhat thrown. :) Nothing like new specs to really bring out the paranoia. It's not like they're easy to trade in...
No thank you, I think I will stay in the land of the sane people!

Clearly this madness is infectious, so you can keep away from me ...
Well I'm not sure, they are kind of funny at the side - will have to see you wearing them in the flesh (with beer and smile). The 'gloom' probably doesn't help ...
All I lack is a wide brimmed hat with a feather and platforms containing goldfish. :)
It is truly a classic piece of cinema. The world needs educating.
A guy at work just got exactly the same ones (well, pretty much). Now you'll have to fight to the death.

I went to the opticians yesterday and it seems I need new glasses. She did balance the comment of "I'm surprised you can see anything" with "Sorry the machine's now working, but you beautiful eyelashes are in the way".
The side bits were probably the part I was thrown a little by. If I could get them with the same frames, but with single arms, I probably would have. Definately still like them overall though.
me likes, you look very hip. i am due for new glasses, i would like to get some fun ones, but don't know if i will just stick with the usual.
It took me a while to settle on these. Try on every pair in the shop, it gets you used to wearing glasses which aren't exactly like your normal pair.
Lets you view new pairs without thinking 'Yipe! That's weird!' - unless they are actually weird, obviously. :)