Freeview PVRs

Whilst my MythTV install has been fun for a while it is getting to the point where I'm bored of tinkering with it and it's ongoing foibles are a frustration for me and the easterbunny.

So, since I find Murdoch and his clan objectionable, time to go Freeview. I know some of you are posessed of this kind of shiny so, what kind of DVB-T PVRs would you recommend for UK use?
Twin tuners are an absolute must. Otherwise it'll be really frustrating. And the beauty of a PVR is that you can replace the hard drive with something worth having if you want to.

I'd actually go for Pace, as they make Sky Plus. But I'm not sure if they still make a twin tuner PVR. Don[t forget to check your coverage (I think you get to the database through DigitalUK, but that and the one on the freeview wwebsite will tell you yes or no. The database on www.dtg.org.uk will tell you in more detail, and will tell you whether you might need a new aerial or not. If you're in a dodgy signal area, get a box with a Novapal/Setpal tuner, as it's more forgiving than most.

If you want to go for DTT in the bedroom, you can now get a scart cable with a built-in DTT tuner with MHEG for about £35.