Freeview PVRs

Whilst my MythTV install has been fun for a while it is getting to the point where I'm bored of tinkering with it and it's ongoing foibles are a frustration for me and the easterbunny.

So, since I find Murdoch and his clan objectionable, time to go Freeview. I know some of you are posessed of this kind of shiny so, what kind of DVB-T PVRs would you recommend for UK use?
I have a Sony and a Sony VCR that can talk to each other mysteriously down the scart cable, and so use my digi box as PVR brain and the VCR as the recording medium.

But it crashes after almost two weeks if you go to the US for two weeks and want to record a program on the day before you come home and isn't as shiny as a HD PVR. It is also silver (as is the VCR) which clashes with my tasteful otherwise deep grey/black TV/hifi/gaming equipment motif (I keep the GC and DC out of the way, so they don't clash so much).

I also never remember to record anything.