Freeview PVRs

Whilst my MythTV install has been fun for a while it is getting to the point where I'm bored of tinkering with it and it's ongoing foibles are a frustration for me and the easterbunny.

So, since I find Murdoch and his clan objectionable, time to go Freeview. I know some of you are posessed of this kind of shiny so, what kind of DVB-T PVRs would you recommend for UK use?
i like my humax pvr-8000-T
and im lusting after a pvr-9200-T

however they do have soem limitations although the 9200 overcomes most of the ones hte 8000 has
The 9200 does look good but it's got no facility for a card slot. I do like the ability to dump MPEG streams onto the PC for archiving though.
yes it does. if you mean the cam slot for the pay channels.

not that any of them are actaully worth paying for.
So it does. British Eurosport is occasionally useful for motor racing, and I have the odd frenzy of recording films from TCM when they change the playlist every few months ;)