Cor - Dean is going to love this!

We often talk about going into London early at the weekend and having breakfast but have no idea where to go :)
The site is most worthy of investigation but, for the most part, not entirely serious. Beware, they list bad reviews as well as good, so its worth reading the entries rather than relying on a place being listed. :)

On which note, are we busy the evenings of Mon 22nd or Wed 24th May?
Too posh for my tastes.
They do seem to go a bit for the higher end of the market. Breakfast for two should come in at well under a tenner, including the teas, and I'm not at all sure about that being true for the likes of Chez Gerard or The Quality Chop House.

Me, I'd be browsing EBCB instead.
Re: Too posh for my tastes.
EBCB is a wonderful thing, I just rather enjoy LRB for its florid writing style. :)
Re: Too posh for my tastes.
Oh wow, I love that site.

And I now have an absolute gut-wrenching craving for a full english breakfast.
Yum yum yum! I must prod them in the direction of purple in Streatham, a full veggie fry up *with asparagus*!