It's a bill which would provide the prime minister and cabinet the ability to ammend any legislation without the ascent of parliament. Think total executive power without the representation of the people.

New Labour, in all their fluffiness, promise not to do anything bad and that their intent is to use it for deregulation and removal of red tape. It does not alter the fact that any future government could basically undermine any legislation currently in place - civil rights, political representation, the very basic tenents of free society are not safe.

Some comparisons have been made to the Enabling Act passed in Germany in 1933 and, whilst these are unhelpful to debate, the legislation is essentially providing the same freedom to manipulate the system. It's a terrifying prospect and threatens to undermine the political and legal systems in the UK.

Yikes, indeed. :)
how close is this to happening? i am a total idiot when it comes to government things b/c it drives me batty and this may be a stupid question, but would it then be more of a socialist type scenario. excuse my ignorance.
So I did the crazy thing of, you know, actually reading the proposed legislation (which is what I always do when people whittle on about proposed laws.)

Now I don't think it's as bad as are making out. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's a stupid idea. No, scratch that, a justifiable police state crazy mother flocking idea. An anti-democratic, almost treasonous idea. But then again, I don't think making pointless sensational arguments work either. My reading of the proposed law indicates that the politicians wouldn't be able to do half the things that saveparliament is proposing. What they would be able to do is easily slip legislation though without the normal rigorous process being followed. This worries me greatly.

What I suggest we all do is sanely and rationally contact our elected members of parliament and ask that they please, for the love of god, make sure a law isn't passed which enables the bypassing of the safeguards put in place in parliament and obsoletes a lot of power that they have.

You all know where is. Use it. I did.
Indeed, it does somewhat sensationalise the issue, but the point is that without safeguards being put into the bill it is a potential gateway to unlimited power within the system.

My local MP is a LibDem so there's little point in preaching to the choir on the issue, since they're dead against it already. It's the wavering labour MPs who need the real campaigning. I'm imaging your local rep is Labour, right?