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A Life in Digest

Hello m'lovelies. Long time no post (as ever).

When last I posted proper my inquiries were lental (as opposed to lentil, which is a whole other can of beans, if you will). Since I am possessed of no free will I have obeyed Livejournal and have forgone the snooze button since Ash Wednesday. An interesting experience, that's for sure, not better or worse than excessive snoozing, but perhaps a little trippier first thing in the morning. That's not to say I am no longer snoozing, but there is an added buzz from the risk of possibly going back to sleep proper and *gasp* missing my train. :)

Thank you all those who came a pubbing for to celebrate my turning a rather non-milestone-like 27. Much dark beer was drunk, and so was I. All is as should be.

In other news, work is super-crazy busy and will most likely be until Easter. I am now the owner of not one but two Macs. I think I'm enjoying the experience; does this make me unclean? Also, I'm finding most diverting (props to thedarkpoint for prodding me in that direction). I'm on there as 'acebyte' if anyone fancies a game.

Hope to see you all soon!

PS: thedarkpoint seems to be corrected to duckpond by LJ's spellcheck. What is this saying, I wonder, R?

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