March + 9

So, decisions:

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What should I give up for lent?

The Snooze Button - nou
Fizz - magfish

Guide me, oh lazyweb!
But does "training ones semi-concious mind to make the hands move and set the alarm on by 9 minutes manually" still count as using the snooze button?
In this instance, yes. I'd like to set my alarm for when I want to get up, and actually get up.
Actually go the whole way and give up alarm clocks altogeher
even those who suggested the other things have voted for the snooze button - i think it's safe to say it's the winner!
I am rather getting that impression. I figured this may be the case, however I did snooze this morning as easterbunny was using the bathroom when my alarm first went off. :)
Happy Birthday!!!!!
Hope are having a fantastic birthday!!! How old now? I know you are a mere babe, but can't remember. Cheers!
Re: Happy Birthday!!!!!
Thanks. I turned 27 this year. Catching up slowly, eh? :)